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The 2017 National Annual Meeting

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Come Participate in the National Annual Meeting

The 2017 annual national meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society will be held at the Convention Center and the Omni Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island, November 15-17

The EPS plenary speaker is C. Stephen Evans (Baylor University) and he will present on “Why Reformation Christians Should Be catholic Christians: Sola Scriptura and the Rule of Faith for Christian Philosophers.”

The EPS meeting is held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS).

The ETS theme is “The Heritage of the Reformation." All attendees and presenters must be registered at the ETS website.

Hotel accommodations: please consider these hotels and their discounted conference rates.

EPS papers will explore the ETS theme (for example, papers will explore “vertical themes” related to the “solas” and the relationship between God and man as well as “horizontal themes” such as the philosophical implications of, for example the priesthood of all believers, the notion of vocation and Christian philosophy, and the implication of the reformation on personal and social ethics). And, as always, we will feature papers addressing the wide range of topics of interest to Christian philosophers.

Graduate Student Philosophy Paper Contest and Mentoring Opportunities

The EPS will be awarding a $500 prize for the best graduate philosophy paper. In addition, there will be opportunities to meet with a mentor during your time at the conference, as well as a special session just for graduate students. For more information, please contact epsblindreview@gmail.com. Your generous financial support is welcomed to support future philosophy prizes.

EPS Presentation Expectations:

Please note, all presenters must be current member of the EPS or the ETS. If you are not a current member, please renew membership at epsociety.org/store.

Guidelines for Presentations
  • Paper should take no more than 25 minutes to read, leaving 10-15 minutes for discussion. The moderator will ask you to conclude if you are overtime.
  • Cancellation: Please communicate all cancellations to the moderator of your session. If you need to cancel your presentation and it has already been announced via the conference program, please plan to have a friend or colleague read your paper on your behalf.
  • Note: the EPS does not supply equipment for a powerpoint/keynote presentation. If you wish to provide it, please work with the hotel for any logistical questions or concerns.
Guidelines for Moderators
  • Introduce the presenter and make any relevant EPS announcements [information will be e-mailed in advance of the meeting].
  • Ensure that a session starts and stops on time, and that there is at least 10 minutes available for Q&A. Please ask a presenter to conclude if they are over their time.
  • If a presenter has to cancel their presentation after it has been announced, please work with the presenter to secure a copy of the paper so it is read on his/her behalf. 

Please consider becoming a regular annual or monthly financial partner with the Evangelical Philosophical Society in order to better support the work of our members in the academy and into the wider culture!

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