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New Web Series: 'Miracle: An Argument'

Interview with Paul Gould: The Missional Professor

Part 7: Miracles and Christian Apologetics
How do miracles serve as evidence for one religious form of theism over and against other religious forms of theism? Continued..

Part 5: Miracles as Inconsistent with the Perfection of God
Robert Larmer considers how to respond to the claim that miracles are inconsistent with affirming the perfection of God. Continued..

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March 27 - 28 2015

2015 Southeast EPS Conference

In conjunction with the Southeast Region of the Evangelical Theological Society

The ...

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April 10 - 11 2015

10th Spring Meeting of the Midwest Region of the Evangelical Philosophical Society

The 2015 Midwest Region ETS/EPS meeting will be hosted by Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL. ...

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February 22 2015

Call for Abstracts: Inaugural Theistic Ethics Workshop

Contemporary philosophy of religion has been richly informed by important work in metaphysics and epistemology. At the same read more

February 22 2015

Moral Apologetics Writing Contest is excited to announce that its first annual Writing Contest is now underway. Selected entries will read more