Latest Contributions

Interview with R. Scott Smith: In Search of Moral Knowledge

A Tale of Two Naturalisms: Churchland, McGinn and Plantinga’s “Advice for Christian Philosophers”

A Biblical Nota Bene on Philosophical Inquiry
What makes 'Christian philosophy' Christian, and not merely theist? Minimally, the biblical logic on this question requires that our inquiry stems from the particular teaching and practices prescribed from Moses Continued..

Ramified Natural Theology, the Moser Way?
Moser has leveled a challenge to produce a plausible piece of natural theology which is not deficient in this respect. Here I attempt to do exactly that. I defend a version of the moral argument which does not Continued..

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May 30 2014

The EPS at AAR/SBL 2014 Meeting

Learn more about the 2014 sessions of the EPS at the annual meeting of the AAR and SBL. read more

January 22 2014

International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism and Human Rights

Come to Strasbourg France for an illuminating time of study and networking read more