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Continue to Pray for Nabeel Qureshi!

Angus Menuge on AI and the Metaphysics of Mind

Philosophical Questions and the Unity of the Trinity: Re-engaging Christ-shaped Philosophy
J. Daniel McDonald offers a robust view of metaphilosophy and its implications for Paul Moser's Christ-shaped philosophy Continued..

Reasoning about Gender
Elliott Crozat addresses gender dichotomism and transgenderism, and argues that there is an unmet burden on transgenderism to show why gender dichotomism is false. Continued..

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July 4 - 15 2017

International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights

In 2017, the International Academy will offer the following lecture and seminar program, taught ...

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February 12 2017

Third Annual Concordia Apologetics Conference

Participate in the annual Apologetics Conference at Concordia University, Wisconsin read more

January 18 2017

2017 Call for Papers: EPS at AAR/SBL

Participate in the EPS Call for Papers at the 2017 AAR/SBL meeting in Boston, MA. read more