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Loke on the Origins of Divine Christology

How to Read Kierkegaard on Christian Themes

Anthropological Hylomorphism
Learn more about Bruno Niederbacher's contribution to a Research Companion to Theological Anthropology Continued..

Free Will and the Stages of Theological Anthropology
Kevin Timpe and Audra Jenson summarize their contribution to a Research Companion to Theological Anthropology. Continued..

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March 2 - 3 2017

Karam Forum
Deerfield, IL

Faithful discipleship to Christ involves working every day in homes, workplaces, and communities ...

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March 10 - 11 2017

2017 Midwest Regional Meeting
Wheaton, IL

Conference Theme: Evil and the Suffering of God

The 2017 Midwest Region ETS-EPS ...

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February 12 2017

Third Annual Concordia Apologetics Conference

Participate in the annual Apologetics Conference at Concordia University, Wisconsin read more

January 18 2017

2017 Call for Papers: EPS at AAR/SBL

Participate in the EPS Call for Papers at the 2017 AAR/SBL meeting in Boston, MA. read more